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[audio]Mystified & Saluki Regicide - Razor Pluvia [wh225] - C.P McDill
An early collaboration of Mystified and Saluki Regicide has been remixed into a long-form ambient soundscape. About the album: Mystified and Saluki Regicide began a series of collaborations in 2004 which continue to this day. Razor Pilgrimage was the second such work, close on the heels of Ancestral Technologies. Mystified recently revisited Razor Pilgrimage and decided to challenge C.P. McDill (Saluki Regicide) to give the work a makeover, remixing it in any way he saw fit to...
Keywords: ambient; long-form; soundscape; electronica; Rain; Mystified; Saluki Regicide
Downloads: 391 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]C.P. McDill - Anthology 1 [wh073] - C.P. McDill
C.P. McDill - Anthology 1 (1993-2005) [wh073] Anthology 1 (1993-2005) Webbed Hand Records' first release of 2006 is an anthology of recordings by the label's founder, C.P. McDill. This selection represents the spectrum of his sound art projects from 1993 to 2005, excluding the long-form (CD-length) ambient recordings. C.P. McDill's began experimenting with recorded sound in the mid-1980s, but the tapes from that period have unfortunately (or fortunately) been lost...
Keywords: McDill; Webbed Hand; Saluki Regicide; Djinnestan; Ambient; Experimental
Downloads: 19,848 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]Saluki Regicide - Beneath the Cobblestones is a Beach [wh278] - C.P. McDill
Remastered, and in some instances remixed, this "best of" collection by Saluki Regicide revisits important moments in the sound art of C.P. McDill. About the album: "Saluki Regicide is one of my oldest recording projects. One in which I attempt to create dark and eerie, yet abstract, atmospheres with heavily processed sounds and samples. Loops of exotic instrumentation and snippets of voice from vintage sources are characteristic motifs...
Keywords: experimental; noise; ambient; musique concrete; sound collage; sound art; Saluki Regicide
Downloads: 185 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Sadayatana 036: Chair Squeaking, Slowed Down - John Tocher
Fun show tonight. Played mostly stuff by C.P. Mcdill who was kind enough to allow me to mix his music. C.P. McDill is the mastermind behind Webbed Hand Records and has several projects/names he goes under. Among them: Saluki Regicide, Djinnestan, Drone Wallah, Tree Helicopter, and Akashic Crow's Nest. Webbed Hand Records gets a lot of play on Sadayatana. Very happy to do a show featuring so much of C.P...
Keywords: dreamworking; musique concrete; dark ambient; podcast; auzel; djinnestan; doc & lena selyanina; enrico caruso; mystified; nikolai rimsky-korsakov; pixyblink; disturbed earth; sadayatana; saluki regicide; saluki regicide & mystified; seetyca with mystified; the implicit order; tree helicopter; zreen toyz
Downloads: 461
[audio]Podcast December 11th 2010 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Motionfield - The sound of snow (Passage) - Part 4 - Part 9 - Part 10 VO Undress béton - Unrecorded tissues (Surrism Phonoethics) - Unrecorded tissues (A side) - Unrecorded tissues (B side) VO (Tiny & Lau) Christine Sehnaoui, Dragos Tara & D'incise - AT ep (Con-V) - AT 1 - AT 2 VO Eric Miller - Sinter (Stasisfield) - Sinter interlude uPlex - Symphony for a kiwi (Self released) - Symphony for a kiwi 3rd movement VO Chris Whitehead - 100 birthdays (Electronic Mu...
Keywords: ntnsradio; Motionfield; Undress Beton; Christine Sehnaoui - Dragos Tara & D'Incise; Eric Miller; Microplex; Chris Whitehead; Saluki Regicide; Plantae; Krabatoff
Downloads: 21
[audio]La Conquista de los Sonidos (23.02.2014) - sonidos no restringidos
Nuevo recorrido por netlabels de diferentes puntos del planeta tierra (aunque algunos parecen de algún lugar del más allá), y como es habitual nos movemos entre sonidos experimentales, ambient y ruidos diversos. En esta ocasión vienen a cargo de Tukuringra (Rusia), Webbed Hand Records (EEUU), Gronde Murmure (Francia) y Pueblo Nuevo (Chile).
Keywords: Martín Castro; Kirill Platonkin; Saluki Regicide; C.P. McDill; Zreen Toyz; Tukuringra; Webbed Hand Records; Gronde Murmure; Pueblo Nuevo; netlabels; ambient; experimental; música electroacústica
Downloads: 32
[audio]Sadayatana 087: The Riddle - John Tocher
A special Alice In Wonderland themed show. With voices provided by various stillstream denizens. Including:Altocumulus as The Queen of Hearts Crystal Dreams as The Caterpillar Disturbed Earth as The Mad Hatter Har as The Cheshire Cat Rebekkah Hilgraves as The White Rabbit, and The Duchess ... and pixyblink as Alice The Hatter opened his eyes very wide on hearing this; but all he SAID was, 'Why is a raven like a writing-desk?' 'Come, we shall have some fun now!' thought Alice...
Keywords: lewis carroll, alice's adventures in wonderland; dark ambient; drone; experimental; podcast; cheikh benhamida; c.p. mcdill; digital mass; djinnestan; eugenekha; ideal; rivers of ashes; saluki regicide; spoonphase
Downloads: 535
[audio]Buddhist on Fire presents: Crazy Blues - Various Artists
Near as I recall, this compilation was inspired by a remark made in the chatroom by Joe McMahon. I was manipulating the Crazy Blues 78 with the Buddhalizer live towards the end of a Sadayatana podcast. Joe remarked: "I really like this. Acid ambient". The rest--as they say--is history. Thank you Joe. 1. (o)thers "Crazy Blues (Caught On Tape At The Fillmore Jazz festival)" 2. Mystified "Crazy Blues (40 days and 40 nights remix)" 3...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; noise; buddhist on fire; sadayatana; grove of whispers; tree helicopter; the implicit order; saluki regicide; luciftias; ars sonar; mystified; (o)thers
Downloads: 1,531
[audio]Sadayatana 134: Realm of Nothingness - John Tocher
The Zen disciple sits for long hours silent and motionless, with his eyes closed. Presently he enters a state of impassivity, free from all ideas and all thoughts. He departs from the self and enters the realm of nothingness. This is not the nothingness or the emptiness of the West. It is rather the reverse, a universe of the spirit in which everything communicates freely with everything, transcending bounds, limitless...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; drone; podcast; alan morse davies & mysterybear; cdrx; christopher alvarado; cryogenic weekend; crystal dreams; grove of whispers; kayaka; mescalibur; neur(o)n; saluki regicide; stephen briggs; system morgue; vladimír hirsch
Downloads: 1,824
[audio]Sadayatana 063: Smooth Road - John Tocher
At some point after moving out to Houston I heard about a genre of music called "Chopped and Screwed". I always try to burrow into whatever local scene exists. If there is not support for the local scene there is no music scene.... Ya anyway, looking forward to my first taste of "Chopped and Screwed", when I finally heard some I was sorely disappointed. It's music that sounds like you're overdosing on cough medicine ya see...
Keywords: dark ambient; chopped and screwed; anime hill; antropik; atum; backyard ghost; cezary gapik; darkened soul; dementium; diaspora; djinnestan; encephalous; exuviae & kenji siratori; fats waller and his rhythm; fosel; front sonore; fukkitol; hoarfrost; infetu; -ing; insect human; john lithium; ka-baalim & bunk data; krepulec; krv; leonid m. zhest'; luftpirat; mika martini; morphine bandit; mystified & saluki regicide; obscure visions; occurrences in rain; out of orion (ox3); podcast; pretty hemp princess; project_ozma; robert labarge; saluki regicide; samsa; spencer chicken loveboy; the implicit order; vacio perfecto | pharmakustik; various; zieltogend
Downloads: 668
[audio]Sadayatana 081: Hold Something - John Tocher
“Fear,' Jason said, “can make you do more wrong than hate or jealousy. If you're afraid you don’t commit yourself to life completely; fear makes you always, always hold something back.' - Philip K. Dick: Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said (1974) startartisttitle00:00radio referenceAmateur Repeater Los Angeles Area 147.435mhz01:06The Ernie 4The ERNIE 4 Is Playing At My House (otay mix)05:29escapefromnoiseshortwave snippets #412:52Anastasia Vronski & Ricardo AlThe groom is still waiting f...
Keywords: dark ambient; electroacoustic; soundscapes; podcast; alan morse davies; alphaxone; anastasia vronski; anastasia vronski & ricardo al; anastasia vronski & ricardo alrucini; darius ciuta; escapefromnoise; eugenekha; lucas darklord; maurice chevalier; miguel a. garcía & daniel simon; mystified & saluki regicide; noise research with shaun blezard; pablo reche; radio reference; san francisco symphony orchestra; shambala networks; sir-boy; the ernie 4 (jtocher remix); the nikki grace experience; witch farmer
Downloads: 731
[audio]Sadayatana 055: Haunted Ruins - John Tocher knight and maiden meeting to exchange vows amongst haunted ruins. The starlight was good enough for that story, a light so faint and remote that it cannot resolve shadows into shapes, and show the other shore of a stream. I did look upon the stream that night and from the very place; it rolled silent and as black as Styx: the next day I went away, but I am not likely to forget what it was she wanted to be saved from when she entreated him to leave her while there was time...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; electroacoustic; podcast; alan morse davies; alex moore; ashlesha ix; darkness and silence; django reinhardt; ego ex nihil; elias merino; felipe barbosa; fosel; glass box; joe frawley; kirill platonkin; luciftias; luis antero; malstrom; nik xaos; obscure visions; ownsi lense; ps; rngmnn; sadayatana; saluki regicide; samsa; sirs; stream69; the secret art; vsevolod botvinnik (timoneus); willy stamati
Downloads: 2,693 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Sadayatana 058: Machine Elves - John Tocher
We especially refer to the apparently autonomous and intelligent, chaotically mercurial and mischievous machine elves encountered in the trance state, strange teachers whose marvelous singing makes intricate toys out of the air and out of their own continually transforming body geometries. - Terence and David McKenna, The Invisible Landscape startartisttitle00:00AsphodelaSolitude04:58CocktopussyIntroduction to Filth 10111:18Loki fun Lilith + HalgrathObsidian Journey19:07To Repel GhostsAll i...
Keywords: dark ambient; electroacoustic; experimental; abre ojos; asphodela; backyard ghost; billie holiday; bunk data; cocktopussy; cousin silas; cyasta fractis; djinnestan; fatumstand; gothick; jon 7; larry johnson; last nights of paris; lisa stampfli-svart1; loki fun lilith + halgrath; palancar v. mystified; playing with nuns; podcast; rigel orionis; rui almeida & nuno miranda ribeiro; sadayatana; saluki regicide; seetyca; snake surikov; stuntcock; svart1; the earth king; to repel ghosts; visions; wallwerk; willy stamati
Downloads: 868
[audio]The Chestnut Tree - Various Artists
The Chestnut Tree compilation includes over 60 artists from 18 countries, collected for the program’s one year anniversary on KPFT , 90.1FM in Houston, Texas. The program also airs on, the largest ambient radio community on-line. This compilation is released through Buddhist on Fire as a creative commons download. This project represents a system of artists, community radio and net labels that promote a large range of non-commercial and legally free music...
Keywords: the chestnut tree; buddhist on fire; KPFT; experimental; electronic; dark ambient; dada; community radio; drone; noise; akoustik timbre frekuency; alex ischenkau; altocumulus; another antidote; backyard ghost; ben presto; brian routh; brownian motion; bryan lewis saunders and ayn morgan; charlie naked; chris morill; chris videll; coma centauri; crystal dreams; cyclea; dan minoza and shane morris; distant trains; disturbed earth; d minoza and m peck; downercow; elizabeth veldon; ergo phizmiz; hobo liked nomix; infant mortality rate; irr app ext; jack hertz; joe frawley; joe mcmahon; jukka pekka kervinnen; kirill platonkin; kommissar hjuler; kristus kut; lezet; loopool; lumen kishkumen and hal mcgee; mama baer hjuler; marax; mhz_; m nominized; modulator esp; mystified; neon lushell; night at noon; onewayness; (o)thers; otto von rhinau; painfire; palancar; president blair; rafael gonzalez; ronny waernes; saluki regicide; sebastien rein and jean dl; shane morris and pixyblink; stone baby; symatic star; terrible eagle; the implicit order; travis johnson; wehwalt; yoshihiro kikuchi; zreen toyz
Downloads: 3,608
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